ASP.NET Crypto Exploit Patch Now Available Through Windows Update

Scott Guthrie announced yesterday that the hotfix for the ASP.NET cryptographic padding oracle exploit is now available on Windows Update / Windows Server Update Services.

Points of note:

  • Persistent authentication cookies will need to be reset after applying the patch. In other words, if your site uses Forms Authentication, all your users will need to log in again after you apply this patch.
  • You will still be able to persist Forms Authentications sessions across versions of ASP.NET. In other words, if you have multiple applications, running multiple versions of ASP.NET, on a given domain, one Forms Authentication login will work for them all, provided they share the same data store for authentication.
  • If you run a web farm, all versions of ASP.NET must be the same in that farm, and the patch needs to be applied to all machines.

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