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I read your article about auto-hashtagging. Maybe you forgot when a to-be-tag is ending with a ‘.’ of ‘,’ or other punctuation…?

Seems that’s the case. Good catch! An easy fix is to simply run the input string through a regular expression that strips out the punctuation before exploding it into an array.

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when i make control dynamically from javascript in then some control make out side of page like div and linkbutton

I think you’re asking if you can dynamically create a server control in ASP.NET with JavaScript. The short answer is no.

You can create DOM elements via JavaScript, but you can’t create server controls, such as LinkButtons, since they "run at" the server, not the client.

That said, ASP.NET versions 2+ come with AJAX-enhanced controls that probably will meet your needs ( maybe the AlwaysVisible control is what you’re after. Versions 3.5+ natively support jQuery (, which you could use to remove / show / hide server controls after they are output.

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binding a data from database to dropdownlist based on selected item of another dropdown list

I blogged about doing this with PHP / MySQL / jQuery at , and . If you’re looking for an ASP.NET Web Forms version, I’ll add this to my "to blog" list. Can’t say as to when I’ll get around to it, but probably not immediately, sorry.

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