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This is the correct installer for Scalable WordPress in the Azure portal.

Setting Up Scalable WordPress Installs On Microsoft Azure

Today, Microsoft announced it was creating what it’s calling “a Scalable CMS solution with WordPress.”

In short, it’s a quick installer that

  • spins up an instance of a standard-tier Azure website,
  • adds a MySQL database (and MySQL DB server, if you don’t already have one),
  • creates an Azure Storage container to hold the wp-content folder (and allows you to create an Azure Storage account if you don’t have one)
  • puts a default WordPress install on that site, and
  • adds a special plugin that communicates with the Azure Storage account.

Much of the code I produce for my day job runs on Azure (both IaaS and Websites), and most of my employers’ websites run on WordPress. (None of those sites are hosted on Azure, however.)

Since a lot of my code does something to a WordPress site, and most of the code I write runs on Azure, you can imagine my joy at having a quick and easy way to spin up and manage WordPress test installs on Azure.

So I went ahead and set up an instance. Here’s a walkthrough, as well as my experience.

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This is where you set the PHP version for your Azure website. Note that version 5.4 is the default version selected when you create an Azure website.

Microsoft Azure Doesn’t Load The SQL Server PDO Driver In PHP Version 5.5

Another of those “learn from my mistakes” moments: Azure Web Sites don’t include the SQL Server PDO extension if your site is running PHP 5.5.

This I learned the hard way today.

I set up my site to run PHP 5.5.11, the version that as of this writing Azure uses. But my script halted without warning; knowing from experience that this meant there was a PHP error, I quickly popped into my site’s log and saw this entry:

[23-Jun-2014 12:52:36 America/Los_Angeles] PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'D:\Program Files (x86)\PHP\v5.5\ext\php_sqlsrv.dll' - The specified module could not be found.

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New England GiveCamp 2014 Recap

I spend the weekend of April 4-6 at New England GiveCamp, a weekend hackathon that pairs tech and design people with charities in the Boston and New England region.

This year, I worked for Generations Inc., a Boston-based charity that pairs senior citizens as literacy tutors for children.

The process they used for accepting volunteer applications was time- and labor-intensive. Basically, they used the Job Manager WordPress plugin to accept applications, which went into their WordPress install as a custom post type.

Then, a staff member would have to re-enter all that information into Salesforce, which they use to track volunteers, clients and related assignments.

Since Salesforce is the endpoint for managing all of Generations Inc.’s relationships, they wanted a way to take online applications and put them directly into Salesforce. So that was my project for the weekend.
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New England GiveCamp 2013 This Weekend

I’ll be attending New England GiveCamp 2013 this weekend.

GiveCamp is a way for technical people and designers to donate their time to worthy nonprofits. Organized by Jim O’Neil and Kelley Muir and hosted at Microsoft’s New England Research and Development center on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus, New England GiveCamp is in its fourth year.

This year I’ll again be working with The Esplanade Association. Last year, I was the leader of the team that revamped their website. It’s a real pleasure to work with them again.

Over the weekend, we’ll be working on an interactive map, probably built on the Google Maps API, of the Esplanade’s many amenities and features. The fellows assigned to this task are already full of ideas and getting to work, so once again, I’ve been very fortunate to have highly motivated, very capable team members assigned to our task.

It’s probably going to be another hectic, exciting weekend. Can’t wait!

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