Fixing A "Bad Minute" Error Message When Trying To Use Crontab With Certain Unix Text Editors

A helpful tidbit I ran across about using crontab.

If each of your cron jobs do not appear on a single line in the crontab text file, you’ll get an error like this:

/tmp/crontab.XXXXXX.crontab":1: bad minute
errors in crontab file, can't install.
Do you want to retry the same edit?

This problem most often occurs because you’re using a text editor, such as pico, that fakes word wrapping by adding a newline when it reaches a certain column position.

Crontab delimits jobs with line breaks (newlines). Each job occupies one line. Therefore, if crontab sees anything other than an integer in the first column of a line, it throws the “bad minute” error, since the minute argument is the first one crontab encounters.

The simple fix is to go to delete the line breaks added by pico / your *nix editor. You can most easily do that by putting your cursor on the first character of each extra line, then hit the backspace key until that line is joined back up with the previous one, and repeating the process until your entire cron command is on one line.


  1. It is important to note that another possible reason for this error exists. We are setting variables at the top of our chrontab. When the line reads:
    it works fine, but when the line reads
    it fails with bad minutes error. I know, you’re asking “Why would you declare a variable without populating it?” It was a mistake. Anyway, hope that helps someone.

  2. If the cron file is created in windows you get a LF+CR att the end of the lines. It should be just LF, the Unix way. Run dos2unix to fix this

  3. Thanks for the fix. Just want to let others know that this even happens in the Nano text editor which is what gets triggered when using the following command on a Centos5 linux in a command window:
    cronjob -e

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