I'm Adopting The GNU General Public License

I’ve decided that it’s time to pay more attention to the open-source projects I have created and will create. I’m also considering joining some other software projects.

As a result, I need to revisit my licensing.

Previously, my software was licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution / Share-Alike 3.0 license. That license is really intended for authors, musicians and teachers, but I found its strong requirements for attribution and sharing of derivative works met my needs.

However, most open-source projects use a GNU license, most notably the GNU General Public License. As such, I believe it’s best to change my software licensing over to the GNU GPL.

I do this reluctantly. I am an ardent supporter of open-source software. I believe it’s my duty to give back to the developer community. But I believe I am due credit as a work’s author, and that my right to ultimately retain the benefits of copyright should be clear.

The GNU GPL technically defends my authorship and allows me to retain ultimate copyright, but it does so in a far weaker way than the Creative Commons Attribution / Share-Alike license.

I am in the process of changing all posts to reflect my new licensing.

For additional information about my licensing terms, visit the Copyright / Attribution page.

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