MSDN Northeast Roadshow: Sept. 24 in Augusta, ME

The MSDN Roadshow returns to Augusta, ME and the Central Maine Commerce Center’s Florian Auditorium on Sept. 24, from 1 p.m. – 6 p.m. (That’s a later start than recent roadshows, because directly before it, there’s a TechNet event about Windows 7 and Remote Desktop.)

MSDN Roadshows are a chance for Microsoft evangelists — namely, Chris Bowen and Jim O’Neil — to describe new technologies, demonstrate how to program in Microsoft languages and platforms, and generally share the word about what’s new and on Microsoft’s mind at the moment.

Among the issues to be discussed at this roadshow is Windows 7. Without question, Chris and Jim know their stuff, and you’ll definitely walk away from this event with a better knowledge of Microsoft technologies — if not some of the loot they give out at every event (fully-functional copies of Windows Vista, Visual Developer 2008 Professional, Microsoft Press books and peripherals having been offered in the past as door prizes).

Florian Auditorium and the Central Maine Commerce Center are in the former SCI Systems / Digital Equipment plant off Civic Center Drive. I have a public Google Map of the location.

If Augusta or the date are not convenient for you, Chris and Jim are doing the same agenda in Manchester, NH; Rochester, NY; Troy, NY; Waltham, MA and Farmington, MA. Chris Bowen details it all on his blog.

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