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  1. Maybe. I’d say, good coding lasts perhaps a year. I’d like to see comments from the most sound of coders from 3 years ago, for nothing more than an archaeological perspective.
    Computer Information Synthezes so quickly that what we teach our first-year CIS students is fundamentally unsound by their graduation date.
    Comments are a message from history, and necessary.
    I’ve built an ark or three, and looking back after a few years makes me shudder. The C language and its offshoots evolve. Pigeons have lost their tan-and-buff coloring for the grays of 20th century pavement; C has evolved into C++, C#, and beyond. The point is, that the once recognizable or at least vaguely decipherable may soon disappear into hieroglyph in less than our lifetime.
    Simple comments, if only to ensure that our novice followers can navigate our rivers, are a tidbit in byte-weight, easy to do, and worthy of posterity.

    “Any clod can have the facts, but having opinions is an art.”
    Charles McCabe, San Francisco Chronicle

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