New England GiveCamp 2014 This Weekend

I’ll be at New England GiveCamp this weekend, helping Generations Inc., a Boston-based charity that couples literacy volunteers with those in need.

The GiveCamp movement promotes hackathons to assist charities with their technical needs. Mostly, New England GiveCamp creates and overhauls websites; but there are a number of other projects out there.

This year, I’ll be creating an interface to accept volunteer applications from Generations Inc.’s website and put those into their Salesforce CRM application. Thankfully, Salesforce has a robust developer support portal, which includes both excellent documentation and a fully functional sandbox, so early indications are that troubles should be few and far between. Knock on silicone.

As always, I’ll post a recap. Until then, you can follow along with GiveCamp on Twitter, hashtag #negc2014.

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