WordCamp Maine Slide Decks Available On Google Drive

By request, here are the slides from my WordCamp Maine 2015 talk, titled “WordPress Security From The Start.”

View these slides on Google Drive

Please note: You shouldn’t take all your WordPress security advice from Google Slides. Consult qualified developers and technicians when building a security protocol.

While you’re here, take a look at “The Fault In WordPress Security Lies Not In The Updates, But In Ourselves,” in which I rant against using plugins to solve problems that either shouldn’t be solved or should be solved by a theme; and against developers who abandon clients after creating a WordPress site.

And on a related note, here’s the slide deck for my talk, “Make Your First WordPress Plugin,” which I gave on Friday:

View these slides on Google Drive.

That talk’s companion post is titled Make Your First WordPress Plugin.

Hat tips to Michael Lancaster for his CSS to provide fluid height to an iframe and the anonymous poster of Google Slides explaining how to embed Google Slides.

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