Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-102 Beta: First Impressions

On Friday, I took Microsoft Exam AZ-102, Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Transition, one of three new exams for the Azure Administrator specialty certification.

My basic impressions:

The exam experience is very much like Exam 70-533, which it augments. This exam is the standard PearsonVUE certification exam experience. Same kinds of questions in the same formats: case studies, multiple choice, “arrange the tasks in order,” etc. I had 49 questions and 220 minutes to complete the test.

The objective domains listed on the exam page are absolutely correct, in terms of topics and weight. Almost all the topics listed in the Exam AZ-102 objective domains were on my test. And the number of questions I had in each objective domain were pretty much in line with the percentage estimates on the exam description page.

It is an exceptionally strong exam in its current, “beta” state. This is technically a beta exam, but I believe it is of the same quality, if not better, than Exams 70-533, 70-532 and 70-535. There were a handful of questions I found ambiguous, which is to be expected in a beta exam. Overall, I understood exactly what I was asked and how to answer. And all the questions were pertinent to real-world running of Azure services.

So, the best advice I have for you, to prepare for Exam AZ-102, is:

  • expect all the topics that are on the objective domain to be on your exam;
  • if you can, practice using the services and performing the tasks listed in each objective domain; and
  • make sure you understand the specific services listed under each domain (e.g., Azure Migrate, Log Search, Azure Site Recovery, Azure DNS, etc.)

Exam AZ-102 is a beta exam, so it is likely to change. Keep that in mind.

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