Copyright & Attribution

I distribute materials on this site under two licenses.

Software and computer code is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3.

In addition to the terms noted there, if you convey my code or any derivative works based on my code, I include the following requirements under Section 7 of the GNU GPL:

  • You must preserve my author attribution statements;
  • You may not misrepresent the origin of my code;
  • You must clearly mark any changes to my code as such;
  • You may not represent your conveyance as having my approval, endorsement or sponsorship;
  • You indemnify me from any and all liability that may arise from your conveyance.

All non-software material on this site is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution / Share-Alike License version 3.0.

What that basically means is you can use anything here in any way you want. You can sell it, give it away and redistribute it in any manner. You can create derivative works and do with those as you like. You simply need to credit me and share your works, based on this work, too.

Note that I do not hold copyright for some materials on this website. Obviously, in those cases, any use you may want to make of those materials is dictated by the copyright owner.


If you post your material on the Web, please link back to my original entry in a plainly visible manner. If you are producing your material in some other printed form, provide the full URL to the blog entry somewhere plainly visible in your document. For non-written communication, mention my name and the Web address