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all zip codes 100 miles from 03251

My article ( is self-explanatory. You can use my demo ( to obtain a list of the ZIP Codes you want. If you need help with a specific application, I’d be happy to assist you in exchange for a wish list purchase ( Good luck on your project!

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Your tutorial "Multilingual Web Pages Via PHP, Arrays And MySQL" is really very useful for me.So, thanks.I just want to ask a question,in your tutorial to exampled three languages’en,fr,sp’ but i want to add more than three languages.Is it possible?

Sure. The methodology works for any number of languages; just make the right number of keys and keep the translations in order.

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Hi Doug, “Sorting Your MySQL Results Set In PHP Using jQuery” is perfect for what I need, thanks.The cursor changes to an “I” beam rather than a hand when hovering over a column heading – can this be altered to show a hand for the clickable heading?

You can use CSS and the hover pseudoclass:

#sortedtable thead th:hover {
    cursor: pointer;

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