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Displaying Selected YouTube Data API Thumbnails On A Web Page Via ASP.NET Web Forms

Previously, I blogged about “Displaying Selected YouTube Video Thumbnails On An ASP.NET Web Forms Page,” when you know the video IDs of the thumbnails you want to hyperlink.

A reader recently asked me how to hyperlink YouTube video thumbnails based on searching for a keyword. I promised to address that, so here goes.

Interestingly enough, searching the YouTube Data API is accomplished in a REST-like manner quite similar to the methodology I used for shortening URLs in ASP.NET via the API.

  • Form a simple request URL to the YouTube Data API that contains the appropriate search parameters;
  • Use a WebRequest to send that URL to Google, which returns an XML document with results;
  • Use WebResponse to dump that stream into an XmlDocument;
  • Use XPath and XmlNode‘s SelectNodes method to recursively get the thumbnails from each entry; and
  • Bind up a pile of Hyperlink controls, which are added dynamically to a Panel control.

Sounds more complicated than it actually is. Let’s do it.
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Displaying Selected YouTube Video Thumbnails On An ASP.NET Web Forms Page

I received a kind email recently from a reader, thanking me for my article titled “Retaining Values In A Form Following PHP Postback And Clearing Form Values After Successful PHP Form Processing“.

He also asked how he could use the YouTube Data API to search for videos by keyword; display thumbnails of those videos on an ASP.NET page; then either hyperlink to those videos on YouTube, or display them on his page via the YouTube Player API.

I’ll address that specific question in an upcoming post. First, I want to show how to do what the questioner asks if you already know the video IDs of specific YouTube videos you want to show on a page.

If you know the video ID(s) for the YouTube videos you want to display on a page, you can call them directly from YouTube’s image servers, thanks to a predictable URL and naming scheme, and hotlinking.
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