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A Quick Note About The Blog’s Design

Hey everyone, I know the blog looks pretty 1996 right now, and some stuff just plain looks like crap. That’s because I’ve decided I’m going to put together my own theme.

To get things started, I have gone with Sandbox, since it lays a strong, style-hooks-heavy base, which means about 90 percent of the design work can be done in CSS alone. But, like all things on this blog, I get to them when I have a moment, and at the moment, I am in the middle of the holidays and blizzard clean-up.

Anyway, things will get better soon, I promise. Please bear with me and thanks for stopping by.

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Designers And Developers: Donate Your Time, Talent At New England GiveCamp, June 11-13, 2010

One of the things I found out about at Tuesday’s MSDN Northeast Roadshow stop in Augusta is the first New England GiveCamp, June 11-13 at Microsoft’s Northeast Research and Development center in Cambridge, MA.

New England GiveCampI’m attending, and I’d urge you to do so.

A GiveCamp is basically a gathering of developers, DBAs, project managers, designers and other IT folks in a given place, to donate their time and skills to charitable projects.

In the case of the New England GiveCamp, typical projects include upgrading Access databases, or converting Excel spreadsheets to Access; integrating open-source tools, such as Joomla, Drupal and Django, into existing Web sites; adding various gizmos to and tuning up existing Web sites; and several requests to spruce up the look of various types of collateral.

I believe the biggest mistake you could make in deciding whether to participate is thinking that you don’t have the kind of skills needed. From what’s been said at the GiveCamp’s Web site, there’s going to be plenty to do, whether you’re Linus Torvalds or Linus Van Pelt.

I think this goes doubly for graphic designers. Trust me, if you are an artistic person, no matter how little you think of your work, your worst effort is 10 times better than the best design ever produced by a programmer. I am speaking from extensive personal experience here. We’re the people who gave the Internet Comic Sans, animated GIFs and the <marquee> tag, remember. Please, save us from ourselves.

As the Northeast GiveCamp put it, “If you have the passion, we’ll find a place for you.”

In addition to the technical work on site, there are a myriad other volunteer opportunities both before and during the event, including registration, sponsor solicitation, organizing the development teams and matching them to non-profit organizations, handling logistics for food and snacks, and others we’ll discover along this journey!

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Using jQuery To Show A Form Over A Reduced-Opacity Image

It’s an awful thing, waiting for a question at Yahoo! Answers that would be fun to discuss as a blog entry. There is an awful lot of chaff to be sorted before one finds such wheat, and even then, sometimes the supposed grains turn out to be mouse turds.

Consider the following:

How would this be done? Java, flash, php, etc?
Okay, for my site.. on the main page, i have four main pictures lined next to eachother..

each one is linked.

The site can be logged into, logged out, you can create an account on it, etc.

What i want to do though, is when a member clicks on one of the pictures, per se if one picture was a large rectangle and it was linked to the login deal,
i would want the picture to fade out, as then the login deal would appear within the rectangle of the picture.

for example:


user clicks on pic:

_________ ““““““`_________
|—————|““““““`|-user[ ]-|
|-fade out–|““—>““|-pass[ ]–|

how would i do this?

i’m thinkin Java.. but does anyone know of any tutorials on how to do this or anything?


hope the diagram makes sense. ha

Hoo, boy. A compelling problem, wrapped in a complete abortion of a question. What should I do?

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Fluid Blue Gets The Nod

Your eyes do not deceive you; I have changed themes, once again.

I really liked Barthelme. Especially nice about it was that it has lots and lots of style hooks. If I were more industrious, I would download its sister theme, blog.txt, which has the same style hooks, and get to putting together CSS worthy of its engineering.

But I do not want to do that; not when Fluid Blue is available. It’s far prettier than anything I would make.

My only problem with Fluid Blue is that no matter what I tried, I could not get ordered or unordered lists to appear as I wanted in comments. Given that otherwise, I adore the Fluid Blue theme, I decided, what the heck, let’s just go with it.

I suspect I’ll be sticking with this theme for a while yet.