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New England GiveCamp 2014 Recap

I spend the weekend of April 4-6 at New England GiveCamp, a weekend hackathon that pairs tech and design people with charities in the Boston and New England region.

This year, I worked for Generations Inc., a Boston-based charity that pairs senior citizens as literacy tutors for children.

The process they used for accepting volunteer applications was time- and labor-intensive. Basically, they used the Job Manager WordPress plugin to accept applications, which went into their WordPress install as a custom post type.

Then, a staff member would have to re-enter all that information into Salesforce, which they use to track volunteers, clients and related assignments.

Since Salesforce is the endpoint for managing all of Generations Inc.’s relationships, they wanted a way to take online applications and put them directly into Salesforce. So that was my project for the weekend.
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New England GiveCamp 2014 This Weekend

I’ll be at New England GiveCamp this weekend, helping Generations Inc., a Boston-based charity that couples literacy volunteers with those in need.

The GiveCamp movement promotes hackathons to assist charities with their technical needs. Mostly, New England GiveCamp creates and overhauls websites; but there are a number of other projects out there.

This year, I’ll be creating an interface to accept volunteer applications from Generations Inc.’s website and put those into their Salesforce CRM application. Thankfully, Salesforce has a robust developer support portal, which includes both excellent documentation and a fully functional sandbox, so early indications are that troubles should be few and far between. Knock on silicone.

As always, I’ll post a recap. Until then, you can follow along with GiveCamp on Twitter, hashtag #negc2014.

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DreamHost – Gmail Conflict: Emails With Attachments Blocked By Gmail When Using Spoofed Address

This one is a bit esoteric, but it had been befuddling me for months:

When using a WordPress blog hosted on DreamHost, unless your blog is using an email address set up on DreamHost, some emails sent by WordPress will be rejected outright by Gmail (and other email services) — namely, any message that has an attachment won’t be accepted.

The fix: You need to either create a real email address, on DreamHost, that uses your blog’s domain; or you need to use a third-party email service; or use a plugin to force WordPress to use SMTP for sending emails, and then configure your SMTP server to properly handle messages.
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TEA Time: New England GiveCamp 2012 Recap

Last weekend I was in Cambridge, Mass. for New England GiveCamp 2012, the third of annual meet-ups that match technical and design people with nonprofit organizations that need their help.

The Charles River Esplanade

The Charles River Esplanade. Photo courtesy user Daderot via Wikimedia Commons.

My cause was The Esplanade Association, an organization that cares for the Charles River Esplanade Park.

The Charles River Esplanade Park is the Boston-side green space along the river, from the Museum of Science to the Boston University Bridge. While it’s owned and managed by the state of Massachusetts, TEA (which has to be the coolest acronym possible for a Boston-based group) exists to organize people to help protect and care for the park.

Much of their work involves organizing volunteers to clean up the park several times each year. TEA also holds a number of programs in the park — yoga, Zumba, dances and the like — and runs several fund raising projects.

They came to GiveCamp, initially, looking for a way to better coordinate singing up groups and individuals for cleanup days.
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