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Hi Doug, I saw your response to a person on Yahoo answers, It was probably a couple of years ago. I’m trying toget my hands on a Sap tool to practice on it on my own. You mentioned you were doing the same at that time. Do you still have it? Thanks

Sorry, I don’t recall this. I did have a client a while back who was interested in SAP but I don’t believe I ever followed through.

If you could provide a link to the question, it might help refresh my memory.

I don’t believe I’ve ever said I use pirated software, and I’d be surprised to see anything in which I offered to share pirated software. It’s possible I noted that stealing software was an option, but I have to believe that if I said that, I also said that doing so was legally and morally wrong. Again, a link to the question you’re referencing would clear things up for me.

For the record, I have often said — and stand by the statement — that it’s everyone’s right to make personal copies of software he has legally purchased, even if a EULA forbids personal copies; but I don’t believe it’s OK to distribute copy-restricted software in violation of license terms.

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Getting All ZIP Codes In A Given Radius From A Known Point / ZIP Code Via PHP And MySQL

Update, 11 April 2012: I have created an ASP.NET Web Forms / SQL Server version of this script at

Recently asked on Yahoo! Answers:

Does anyone know a good source for programing language for zip codes/distances/database?
Language can be in Java or PHP. Need to find how to write the programing for doing a simple search (5 miles, 10 miles, etc.) from my registered location, when performing a search for the specific distances identified, so the results will be presented. (The way a search is performed on any dating site, when your searching for people near you.) Thanks for your help.

This question actually received a well-informed answer:

Firstly, you will need a listing of all the zip codes you wish to search, and their latitude and longitudes. Without this there is no way to calculate the distance between them!

Take a look at this excellent article:

It uses UK postcodes but it explaints everything you need, and it’s in PHP.

The questioner then contacted me, saying the link provided “isn’t what I’m looking for,” by which I think he means, he doesn’t understand how to convert the code at Paul Jenkins’ blog into code that does what he wants.

Paul’s code calculates the distance between two known postal codes; the questioner wants to determine all the postal codes within a given distance. The problem is similar but not the same, so with an appreciative nod to Paul’s work, I’ll mash up an adaptation.

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Display A Random Image With JavaScript / DOM

Recenly asked on Yahoo! Answers:

Can you create this code?

I have a folder which contains images

I am looking for a simple code to put in my homepage,

This code will display an image randomly from that folder.

Any one can come up with that code?

This is very easily accomplished via JavaScript and the DOM. All you need to know is the names of your photos and the path to the folder where they are contained; then, it’s as simple as changing an IMG element on your page.

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